'Never Go Back' Workbook (and bonus video!): Never Again Choose Short Term Comfort Over Long Term Benefit

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Never Again: Choose Short Term Comfort Over Long Term Benefit with Special Bonus 2 Minute Video Lecture With Dr Cloud!

Life is all about the long game, and yet, most of us are always looking for instant gratification. In the latest installment of our ongoing Never Go Back workbook series, we're going to look at strategies for overcoming this self-sabotaging behavior.

The workbook starts with this thought: Pain always comes before pleasure, investment before profit, exercise before health, study before a passing grade, and discomfort before healing. Once people learn this truth, they 'never go back' to thinking they can, or should, avoid the hard moment to get where they want to be. Go through the right kind of pain first, and you will get what you desire.

Nearly every single one of us is guilty of this behavior in one area or another of our lives -- whether it's having a difficult conversation at work or with someone you care about, facing a personal health challenge or needed behavior change -- the consequences of not facing necessary short-term pain in order to achieve long-term healing are too important to ignore.

**Please note this workbook is best accompanied with my book Never Go Back